Kids Night Out (also known as Parents Night Out)- Fun Saturday Night Parties

We have taken a pause from doing these events, due to Covid 19, but we are looking forward to resuming! For future events and announcements, add your name to our mailing list here.

Unplugged events with outdoor games and play, as well as art and board games, with dinner served (always 90% organic, with vegan options, and Kosher). For the parents, our location is near to movies and restaurants, so you can get in some play time yourself….or maybe you just need to take care of some errands, or get some alone time at home.
These parties will also be in service to raising funds for our scholarship program, building inclusivity at our camps.
“Kids Night Out is our new favorite way to do date night! Instead of the kids complaining about being “babysat,” it’s an evening that we all look forward to.”


Usually held on Second Saturdays, except for occasional month, when we might do on say a 3rd one

4:30pm-8:30pm (4 hours total)

“We are new to Monkey Business Camp and my 9 year old had the best time of any Kids’ Night Out he’s ever done. The other children were nice. The counselors were nice. The vibe was calm and friendly. He loved being outside at night. When I picked him up, he was so satisfied, tired and calm. I’m impressed.”


Berkwood Hedge School:
1809 Bancroft Way, Berkeley

Incredible space in Downtown Berkeley, with outdoor play areas-think sand box, climbing structure and wall, big yard for basketball and other games, swings. And lovely indoor spaces for emergent play, including art and board games.  For parents: the location is close to movie theaters and restaurants.



We’ll be having a mixed age group:

  • Ages 4 ½ -10, with up to 27 campers.
  • Youth Leaders, ages 11+ assist staff in making the party tons of fun, with about 3-5/night.

“What a wonderful, positive, and caring environment you and the staff create at Monkey Business”



What will the kids be up to all evening? We offer a warm, friendly community environment, with kids swept up in the joy of playing and making, on their own, and with others. We create the space, you send your kids, and magic happens. We offer art, games, board games, and a dance party with glow sticks and flashlights. This night is unplugged.  There will NOT be any screens.

Vegetarian dinner provided (homemade and in amazing hands of Chef Brad, who has been working with us for the past 7 years, not just pizza ordered). Organic (95%), vegetarian, and Kosher.
Sample menu: Spaghetti with homemade pasta sauce (with veggies within, although not easy to identify for those kids averse to them) and garlic bread. We are a nut and nut butter free camp, to help keep our campers safe. If your child has allergy or sensitivity, please send them with their own dinner (in lunchbox fine!).
“Monkey Business is great! My kids come back happy and full of songs and stories and crafts they made at camp. I’m happy leaving them because I know they’ll be truly engaged all day – and no screens!”


Base price-Sign up by first of the month before event: $40/child

Sibling special: Signing up more than one child: $35/child for two kids (enter code: sib) or $30/child for three or more kids (enter code sib+)

After first of month: prices go up $5/child from base or sibling rate

After Friday 2pm before event: prices go up $10/child from base

Please note: can only enter one discount code per registration.

*****All proceeds raised will go to our scholarship fund. We really appreciate your generosity*****

Contact our office if you have received financial aid in the past two years, as we will honor the same info and give you the night at the same percentage of aid. We will not be accepting new applicants.  Please apply for our school break or summer to be eligible.

“Monkey Business provides kids a great combination of structure and free play, with fun instructors and cool activities. My daughter talks about it year round.


  • Click on FAQs and Policies links above for more details: refund policy, food allergy information, etc.
  • We require campers to be able to operate within our ratio of 1:9, so if your child has medical, behavioral or emotional needs that will need additional coaching or support, please contact our office, as we might be able to welcome your camper with the support of an aide/coach.



Ceri Mitchell, Brad Olson and Olivia Becketti.  Our Founding Director, Heather Mitchell, usually comes around for 2-3 hours to play too!

Our staff from diverse backgrounds are nurturing, creative and enthusiastic. They are hired to guide and enrich our programs and foster friendship among campers. All children, returning and new campers alike, are actively welcomed.  Click here to see bios and photos.

“The love and support that my child got from MBC team was super evident and made transitions much easier.”



We are inviting kids with strong skills in welcoming, connecting, and playing with kids to join our youth leader team, to help make these evenings more fun, magical and safe. Ceridwen Mitchell will be in touch with you!  We hope you can make it.  Our aim is to have between 3-5/night.


Your program is such a great place for our child to be herself, have fun and spend time with great people. I love watching her learn responsibility and how to care for younger kids. Keep up the great work!”