Happy sleepy campers, counselor, and youth leader after swim day at Tilden Outdoor Camp in Berkeley

Youth Leadership – Helping Out at Camp!

A counselor in training, in a green Monkey Business Camp hoodie, with four campers

“His confidence, sense of responsibility and empathy have all grown tremendously with this experience–and, most importantly, he loves it!”

Youth Leaders are very important members of our community.  They bring caring, playful, and energetic vibe to co-create and assist in making magic and fun that makes each camp unforgettable for the campers, other youth leaders, and staff team.


  • This is a training program that provides practical experience for beginners to the camp/recreation professions. Young people, ages 11-17, receive coaching and practice leadership during their time at camp.
  • Families pay tuition to participate-same as a camper for younger youth leaders and discounted for older ones who are Junior Counselors.
  • Youth Leaders are expected at camp for all hours each day (8:25-4:35), and every day of the session enrolled.  Weekends and weekdays outside of camp hours are the only time off.  Campers have the okay to leave early or come late, but youth leader’s schedule matches staff requirements, as it is a training program for becoming camp counselor.
  • Limited spaces for each session of camp, about 3/group, and we usually have between 2-4 groups only, more in summer, less for school breaks.  There are maximum 15 spaces each session.
  • Youth Leaders usually register for only one session/summer, but we would consider two sessions, per request.
  • Registration goes through our Founding Director/office, you cannot sign up for this program via our usual registration link. First step is to fill out an interest survey (find links below) and then contact our office. We usually have an answer within a week, or sooner if closer to camp start.


  • genuinely enjoy playing with younger kids and want to help create a fun, safe, and magical camp experience, as they once received at our or another camp
  • love the camp environment & the outdoors. “It’s a lot of fun!”
  • have very good social emotional and group dynamic skills. Monkey Business Camp values a culture of kindness, with a fun and respectful environment for all.
  • willing to dedicate part of their vacation to giving back, putting camper needs ahead of their own, being a role model, and in general being of service


  • CIT stands for Counselor in Training and this is the first step in our youth leadership program. CITs can be as young as 11, and most have been former campers with us.  Occasionally there is someone new to our camp, for example, they moved here from another location.
  • JC stands for Junior Counselor and this is the second step in our youth leadership, before paid staff positions. Junior Counselors must be at least 14 years of age and have been a CIT in our program with good reviews.
  • If new to our camp, and even if age 14 or older, youth leaders start off as CITs. Older CITs may be offered JC pricing, especially if they have a lot of experience at other camps.


  • Some 11 year olds choose to remain campers and that usually works, as long as they know they will be the oldest camper, and can enjoy that role, with option to help out here and there.
  • We have found it is important for youth to want to do this, not it only be something parents want for their kids.
  • Many of our current staff were former youth leaders.  Youth Leaders who have served the community, who know and love the routines and program, are much more likely to be hired at camp than someone who is new to our camp. It takes time to learn about helping out, and being professional in a workplace. Doing well in a training program is a great way to cultivate skills and build a resume, which makes one more eligible for jobs in the world of paid work.

TO APPLY: First step is to fill out a youth leader survey-click below, depending on which program applying for. Second step, please e-mail our office to let us know you have filled out, and then we will be in touch.  We want you to have an answer quickly, and will touch base with you within a week, usually, to let you know if accepted or where things are at. Contact us for any updates.

“Monkey Business is an excellent camp. My son has been attending since he was eight years old and in the last couple of years he began the CIT program. Watching him develop leadership skills in addition to experiencing enriching activities has been a wonderful combination! The staff at Monkey Business is caring and professional and they have provided fabulous mentorship for him.”