Smiling counselors dress in pajamas for Wacky Wednesday at Tilden Outdoor Camp in Berkeley


“I really appreciate the fact that you provide a high quality camp experience in a warm, caring and very diverse environment.”

Our staff from diverse backgrounds are nurturing, creative, skilled and enthusiastic. They guide and enrich our programs and foster friendship among campers. All children, returning and new campers alike, are actively welcomed.  Many on our current team have grown up at our camps, since we have been in the Bay Area since 1998!

In addition to our seasonal staff, we also have a year round team of folks who work at all or almost all of our camps, on site, in admin, or operations and who receive additional benefits and salary.  We want to support wonderful educators getting a higher than average wage for their commitment to children and families. We know this makes a difference with kids and creating community!

“I want to thank you for a wonderful summer of working. This camp is magic and many kids I spoke to said it’s their favorite one!” 

“Camp provided me with a ton of knowledge around developmentally appropriate care and patience around working with children so I’m forever grateful for the opportunities you provided me with.”