Site Director Ian leads circle time at Tilden Outdoor Camp in Berkeley

Financial Aid Options

“I can’t express enough how transformational and impactful this camp is. Monkey Business Camp has been a part of my community and my ability to succeed as a student-parent and single mother. I’m truly grateful for the philosophy and actions of this camp.”

We want our camp to be accessible to all families, as it makes our camp a better place. The budget it takes to run a high quality, award winning camp with thoughtful programming and higher than average teacher pay is high.  We offer several options to defray the cost of camp tuition for families attending Monkey Business Camp programs. These include: Flexible Personalized Payment Plans, discounts for paying by e-check, Financial Assistance (30-75% off regular fees), and gift certificates and coupons. Please find applications for each of these programs on this page, as well as details on how to submit coupons or gift certificates.



We offer these at NO COST and some can be paid out up until 8 months later (sometimes shorter, depending on time of registration). Choose a payment plan option during the online registration process on the checkout page.


You can claim a 1% discount, if you wish, by paying with your bank account and entering this code in the shopping cart: eCheck. Our processing fees are lower so we pass that savings along to you.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important to us, as goals that we are continually working towards, and reason that some of you name in choosing our camp over others when you register. In acknowledgment of how systemic racism has affected the ability of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color financially, we give special consideration to applicants from these communities if they opt to share this information with us.

We offer awards for campers and CITs ranging from 30-75% off our lowest pricing tier. Throughout the year, our merchandise sales supports the fund, and for those who can contribute more, see more details.


If you have done work exchange with us before and are interested again, please inquire with the office and explain which sessions you are interested and if you would prefer a full or half trade. We do not have any other openings at this time.



All gift certificates and coupons must be received within one week of registration.

To use a gift certificate, register for camp online, and then call or email us with the code written in the lower right corner of the certificate. If you paid in full, we will process a refund, or if you’ve set up a payment plan, we will update your account with a credit in the amount of the certificate.

To use a paper coupon, first complete online registration, then write your child’s name & camp session attending on the coupon, then take a photo and text it to our office phone: 510-540-6025, and then recycle (can only be used once). If you paid in full, we will process a refund, or if you’ve set up a payment plan, we will update your account with a credit in the amount of the coupon.

To use a mobile coupon, click “redeem” yourself to be shown a three-word code phrase. Complete online registration, entering that code into the box marked “discount code”.

“We’re a Monkey Business family through and through.  Your values mean so much to us.”