Site director Freesia with two tween youth leaders at February Camp near downtown Berkeley

Youth Leaders at School Break Camps- Monkey Business Classic Camps

2020-2021 School Break Camp Dates:

Thanksgiving Week Camp: Monday-Wednesday, Nov 23-25, 2020

Winter Camp: Monday-Thursday, Dec 21-24 and Monday-Thursday, Dec 28-31, 2020

  • Stable groups of 14 for the entire period
  • Campers ages 6-10 or those who are 5, but have completed kindergarten or transitional kindergarten and are good at following directions
  • Youth Leaders-yes, we will have youth leaders!
  • Location: Berkwood Hedge School in Berkeley
  • Families will be able to return to their usual child care units just after camp-we received confirmation from City of Berkeley Public Health
  • If you have a childcare or social bubble and would like to book an entire group, please let us know.
  • We usually run not only our classic camps, but also our “On the Go” field trip camps (Girls on the Go and Boys on the Go), but cannot do so this year, due to COVID. Kids in this age group, can join one of the regular groups as a camper or youth leader (starting at age 11).

We will know more about these camps in coming months, so will not be registering until later fall, most likely:

  • February Camp: Tuesday-Friday, Feb 16-19, 2021
  • Spring Camp: Monday-Friday, April 5-9, 2021
For future camps and announcements regarding registration opening/etc, add your name to our mailing list here.  If you have attended camp in the past, you should be on our list.

Thanksgiving, Winter, February and Spring. If you want to welcome and play with campers each day, and help staff with yard games, songs, arts and crafts, basketball, dressing up for Wacky Wednesday, baking and cooking, conflict resolution, reading books, playing board games, swinging kids on swings, supporting them climbing, building sand castles, these camps are for you.  Youth leaders gather at start of week with Dara Ackerman, our Youth Leadership Director, to meet one another and get oriented to camp, as we want all youth leaders to treat one another well, and support each other to be a great team. There are 10 youth leader spaces for each vacation camp.


Camps will be held at Berkwood Hedge School, near Downtown Berkeley.

CITs (Counselors in Training):

  • 11-15 years old
  • can be new or a former camper

JCs (Junior Counselors):

  • 14-17 years old
  • have previously been CIT at our camps and received positive feedback from staff (e-mail if unsure). Please note: If you are 14-17 and new, be a CIT for this camp, then you can be JC next camp.



The youth leader program works best when kids have:

1) shown a strong interest in mentoring younger children and kids look up to them
2) a love of the outdoors & camp in general- “It’s a lot of fun!”
3) very good social emotional/group dynamic skills & show strong capacity for kindness
4) ability to put the campers needs before own
5) interest in gaining more training and volunteer experience, so that eventually more qualified for paid camp position at this or another camp or kid’s program

If you agree these things apply to your child, feel free to register! If you have any concerns, please e-mail the office.



We will post here once registration is opened in early fall



Thanksgiving Week Camp: November 25-27
Winter Camp: December 23-Jan 3 (no camp Dec 25 and Jan 1, weekly sign ups)
February Camp: February 18-21
Spring Camp: cancelled



Prep to be done before camp:

  • Orientation handbook reading, which includes some practicing of camp games and songs, as well as annual filling out and sending in a review questionnaire to our Youth Leader Director, Dara Ackerman.

During Camp Mandatory Details:

  • Orientation Meeting: First day of each session from 8:00-9:00
  • Attend all hours of their basic shift (unless sick). Do not schedule appointments or time away during their shift (fine to miss any registered hours outside of shift).
  • If signed up for extended care outside of their shift, our youth leaders become more like campers, so can play, read book, as long as do not disturb those YLs who are on shift. They are also welcome to continue helping out.



During registration:

  • Chose a shift (earlier sign-ups get all options, some sell out early)
    • CIT: 8:30-3:30 or 10:00-5:00
    • JC: 8:30-3:30 or 10:00-5:00
    • All youth leaders get a half hour break daily, between 12-1:30.
    • Sign up for optional extended care available-full hours 8:00-6:00. Advance sign up free or at discount.
  • Choose preferred age group: on youth leader form, indicate either ages 4.5-6 or 7-10. We do our best to match youth leaders with those groups.



CIT Fees
First Tier - Buckeye
CIT Fees
Second Tier - Redwood
CIT Fees
Third Tier - Oak
Last Minute
After 2pm the Friday before camp
Basic Day (8:30-3:30 or 10:00-5:00, 7 hours)
Note: CIT sessions are all 3-5 days, single days are not available
With Multi-Day Special
8 days or more of school break camps
(can be shared by siblings with 12+ days total in family)
PM extended care fun 5:00-6:00 for PM CIT*
AM extended care fun 8:00-8:30 for AM CIT*
no chargeno chargeno chargeDrop-In Rates below
AM extended care fun 8:00-10:00 for PM CIT
PM extended care fun 3:30-6:00 for AM CIT
$10$12$14Drop-In Rates below

*AM and PM ext. care fun rates listed in chart above are advance sign up rates, and depending on the date you sign up vary from $0-7/hour. All of these are better than the drop-in fees (after 2pm the Friday before camp): $14/hour; $8/half hour.



JC Fees
First Tier - Buckeye
JC Fees
Second Tier - Oak
Basic Day (8:30-3:30 or 10:00-5:00, 7 hours)
Note: JC sessions are all 3-5 days, single days are not available
With Multi-Day Special
8 days or more of school break camps
(can be shared by siblings with 12+ days total in family)
AM extended care fun 8:00-10:00 for PM JC
PM extended care fun 3:30-6:00 for AM JC
AM ext care fun 8:00-8:30 for AM JC*
PM ext care fun 5:00-6:00 for PM JC*
no chargeno charge

*AM and PM ext. care fun rates listed in chart above are advance sign up rates, and depending on sign up date, vary from $0-3/hour. After 2pm the Friday before camp, Drop-In Last Minute Extended Care available on site for $14/hour or $8/half hour.