Summer Camp – A Pictorial Preview of Our Camp at Tilden Park

These are from pre-pandemic camps in 2019 and before – for current camp programs please navigate through our menu.


Give your kids a summer outside up at Tilden Park this year. Just minutes away…but feels like a whole other place and pace.

Our curriculum works for children to attend multiple weeks, as it is varied enough, but also has regularity for children and families to find grounding.  Repetition creates confidence!  Newness inspires wonder! Our staff appreciates getting to know your children better, you and your child get familiar with routines and deepen your connection to Tilden and our community.

Enthusiastic, friendly, and sensitive staff and youth leaders make Monkey Business what it is – a warm community and summer family for campers every year.


We have lots of time to play on the big grassy field with hula hoops, lunastix, balls, and each other. Fun games of monkey ball, banana tag, baseball, soccer, capture the flag and parachute games keep the excitement flowing and the cooperation growing.

Tables in the shade are perfect for games of mancala, crazy eights, chess, checkers and building with legos, lincoln logs, and wooden blocks.  There are books out daily to read and look at with friends. We even have herbal tea with honey 3 times a week in the mornings.


We join together for circle times to get to know each other and share jokes and songs. There’s time set aside each day for relaxing, listening to stories, drawing, writing, or solving a maze or puzzle with friends there to help.


Each week there will be art projects, science experiments, and outdoor cooking campers can join in if they choose.  We’ve had drummers, dancers, felting experts, and other local artists join us to share what they love.


Nature exploration to nearby places like the Little Farm, Jewel Lake, and the Mystery Tree. East Bay Parks’ naturalists come a few times a summer to share what they know about the animals, plants and history of the park they work to preserve.


All Thursdays, but the last of summer, we spend the afternoon at Lake Anza to dig in the sand, relax on the field and splash in the lake together. In the mornings, there is time to visit either an awe inspiring redwood grove or a trail along the lake, and to get to explore a vintage VW Bus-from the year 1973!


Fridays we like to end the week with a celebration of some sort… a carnival with games and face painting, messy staff skits, an obstacle course, a treasure hunt, a dance party, something fun and different with lots of laughs.

In PM Care we have a healthy snack (always kosher and vegetarian, 95% organic), new board games and toys. This is an all-ages time and we are joined by campers from our Girls on the Go! and Boys on the Go! programs.

Come with a friend or make some new ones. Or both. Summer is a special time outside. Come see!