Reviews of Boys on the Go Camp

From Parents:

“[My son] has lots of friends, but this program is a​ place to go beneath the surface ​instead of just roughhousing, playing video games and joking around. I felt like he grew a lot, became independent and made real friends outside of his school.”

“I really had no real idea of how this group would actually work. I didn’t understand what empowering boys would look like and I imagined something vague. Now, a summer later,​ I ​am in awe and so grateful that my sons had this opportunity.”

“In two weeks, the staff managed to create a safe, loving and trusting container with a small group of rambunctious boys. I was so happy to see the look on my sons face everyday that I picked him up…he was exhausted, satisfied and smiling from ear to ear.”

“Boys on the Go is the one thing my son is very clear he must do this summer. He had a great time playing at the park, walking and BARTing around the area, and visiting the fun spots with a great group of guys. The counselors were that perfect mix of firm and sensitive, and the youth leaders/teenagers were present and up for any game the boys wanted to play. So great to know my son was with playful, creative, and grounded people!”

“I most enjoyed the fact that there was a really cool inter-generational thing happening among the boys, teens, and young men. The staff welcomed and encouraged the younger boys, who were in turn supported by the teens, who were in turn guided by the young men and were being mentored by adults. I saw such a magical tribe and village being created I realized that every boy needs this kind of support from the community.”

“My grandson really enjoyed each of the days activities & the group of boys & the counselors. Ice skating was new to him. He loved it!”

“My primary benefit as a parent is the same one I have enjoyed every summer from 2012: My kid is in the hands of superbly childish & thoughtful grown-ups whom we can trust to do very cool stuff & take very cool care.”

“[My son] said that there was a feeling of “freedom” at this camp and loved that it was something different every day. He also really liked traveling on public transportation:) It was his favorite camp all summer, possibly ever. He told me that every day.”

From Campers:

“Every day started with a gratitude circle and every day ended with appreciations for everyone in the group. In between there was…fun, fun, fun. This is such a cool camp, not really a camp. I don’t know what it is but it’s cool getting to hang with other boys like this.”
-11 year old

“Even the mindfulness stuff was fun! It was like a really cool family of brothers.”
-10 year old boy

“I didn’t really want to go to a camp but this was all boys and we were like a team. It was soooo much fun and the staff were really chill.”
-13 year old

“After a week with the group we really trusted everyone. We really liked and trusted our counselors, and we chilled with other boys in a way that’s not possible at school and were able to talk about whatever.”
– Teen Youth Leader