Girls on the Go!- A Pictorial Preview

These are from pre-pandemic camps in 2019 and before – for current camp programs please navigate through our menu.

Girls on the Go Camp is a fabulous way to meet new friends and have planned and spontaneous adventures across the Bay Area via foot, BART, bus, and ferry!

We travel to destinations closer by and once a week, further, including ice skating rinks, rock-climbing gyms, bowling alleys, swimming pools, Children’s Creativity Museum, Cal Academy of Science, the Exploratorium, the Oakland Zoo, and restaurants for food sampling.

Girls can try out some new and familiar activities, including yoga, circle games, food projects. See the weekly schedules off the summer or winter pages to know what is happening each week. There is always spontaneous fun too, often the best fun of all!

Of course, traveling to each destination is part of the fun! Add in a few acts of random kindness to spread joy wherever we go, and we have a time to remember.

Spending some time at parks, doing art, playing games, and hanging out on climbing structure helps to keep camp relaxed, so we are not always on the go, go go!

Dynamic, skilled, compassionate staff and youth leaders who are deeply passionate about their work with youth makes Girls on the Go what it is – a warm community and place to build a camp family. Come see!

“My daughter loved Girls on the Go. I think the staff had a lot to do with that.” – Girls on the Go parent