Dance line of campers at Tilden Outdoor Camp in Berkeley

Tilden Saturday Camps

Thank you for your interest in our programs.  We will announce dates for Saturday camps during the 2023-2024 school year a few months in advance. For announcements about when registration will open, if you’ve attended camp in the past, you are on our list, if not, add your name to our mailing list here.


Get a taste of Monkey Business in the “off season” for those returning or new to our camp, with single days up in Tilden, a wonderful way to build excitement for those attending our Summer Camp or wanting to check out our program!


  • Dates announced a few months in advance

*Scholarship fundraisers as well as fun days in the park!*


Campers: 9:30-4:30 (see youth leader details below)
Drop-off: 9:30-10:00
Pick-up: 4:10- 4:30
It is not possible to drop off or pick up at any time, due to our schedule.

Youth Leaders: 9:25-4:35 drop-off on time, as youth leaders greet campers. Stay through end, helping until all campers go home.

“It was great! My kiddo loved going to camp, loved the activities and crafts. I thought the youth leaders and directors were all warm and inviting!”



Tilden Park, where we have been hosting our summer camps for over 20 years, in the picnic areas near Lone Oak Road (we will send exact location the week before the daylong). This is a wondrous 2,000 acre county park, a local treasure, filled with incredible natural wonders.

Spend a day in Tilden with two of our regular main Site Directors, Devon O’Rourke, and Freesia Huth, as well as other special guests.  Devon has specialty in the natural world and Freesia with art and movement. The days will center around a longer time getting to explore parts of the park, with hiking a bit further afield than we usually get to at summer camp, up to 4 miles with stops along the way for play, exploration, and lunch. In between we will have some regular MBC activities, including a food project with Brad and Heather, board games, art, and always include an optional freeze dance party.

We offer a warm, friendly community environment, with kids swept up in the joy of playing and making, on their own, and with others. We create the space, you send your kids, and magic happens.  This day is unplugged. 

“Our child has made lifelong memories at Monkey Business. There is a great mix of activities suited for kids that are introverted and extroverted. We have been coming for years and plan for many more!”


We’ll be having a mixed age group of about 12-16 kids and 2-4 youth leaders. If the group gets larger, we will split into two smaller age groups, and we will have our younger ones take a shorter hike.

  • Campers, Ages 5.75-10 (we will consider children ages 5.25 and up, fill out survey here.)
  • Return Youth Leaders, ages 11+  Open to those who have already been youth leaders at our camp. We are inviting kids with strong skills in welcoming, connecting, and playing with kids to help make these daylongs more fun, magical and safe. We hope you can make it.  

“We are so grateful for the experience that Monkey Business Camp provided this summer. Our son had a wonderful time in Tilden: making new friends, playing so many games, and exploring the wilderness. He came home each day happy and full of exciting stories to share. The connections and experiences he had at camp brought out the best in him.”


Sliding Scale Pricing Options – Our camp is working on inclusivity, offering 3 fee tiers. All levels support camp and higher levels, if able, give extra support for diverse programming, our incredible staff, and our scholarship fund which gave out $31,000 in 2022, and so far has given  over $40,000 in 2023. If you are registering siblings, the lower cost option is possible.

*****All proceeds raised will go to our scholarship fund*****

We expect to have same range for 2023-2024 season

Camper Tiers (day is 7 hours long):
3rd: $85; 2nd: $105; 1st: $125

Youth Leaders: only returning or former campers joining us as youth leaders for summer 2023
One day: 3rd: $15; 2nd: $25; 1st: $35

  • Scholarships/Financial Aid: Contact our office if you have received financial aid in the past two years, as we will honor the same info and give you the same percentage of aid. We will not be accepting new applicants, but please apply for our school break or summer to be eligible.
  • Payment Plan (no fee) will be available, as well as E-check Discount: When you pay with E-check, instead of credit card, you can receive a 1% discount with the code eCheck.

“Our daughter has been attending Monkey Business Camp for years and it is a highlight of the year. She loves being in Tilden all day, working on art, being creative, and making friends. We highly recommend Monkey Business.”


  • Campers need to be able to handle themselves well-listening to staff and being kind to other campers, in our group with staff: camper ratio of about 1:9.
  • Campers bring their own lunch, morning snack and water bottle. We will be doing a food project in the afternoon, so no need to pack an afternoon snack.
  • Nuts and nut butters-we determine if these will be allowed or not based on who is enrolled and communicate a week before camp.
  • Rain or shine, unless a windstorm-we have a basic list of what to wear and pack in the parent info packet you receive in your registration confirmation e-mail, and will update that the week before camp, as needed, depending on the weather.



  • Availability will be posted here after new dates are announced

WAITLIST INFO: If spaces are taken, please join the waitlist and we will be in touch asap if anyone cancels. We have often cleared our waitlists, if you can wait on making other plans for a while.

“Monkey Business has been my favorite camp for many years. Our two sons started off as campers and moved into positions as counselors-in-training which was a fantastic experience for them. They loved all the nature activities, the songs, the art, the field games, the friendly and attentive culture, the inclusiveness and the wonderful staff. I highly recommend Monkey Business and I think it provides children with a really joyful camp experience embedded in nature. The Tilden setting is especially beautiful, with hikes to Little Farm and surrounds.”